Review Mini World: CREATA v0.55.9

Mini World Mod APK:

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With Game Mini World, your Creative Dreams will come true! Design, collect and build everything like houses, vehicles, Robots, Cities - Build whatever you want. Join now the Global Community of Hundreds of Millions of Creative Players for FREE.

Your world of adventure begins!


Explore the Free Creative World with unique gameplay, adorable creatures and amazing nature. Diverse Game Modes: Survival, Creative, Role Playing, Parkour, Fighting and thousands of other genres in 1 Game!


Visit your friends' worlds to have fun or build amazing buildings with them! Voice chat with friends right in the game is extremely convenient. Sharing games on livestream is very easy. Join a creative community with players from all over the World. Cool and diverse outfits for both Men and Women!


The in-game building tools are EASY and help you create your own games like Shooting, Puzzle, Strategy, Survival, Parkour, Boss... Right in Mini World. You can build anything you want with just your phone!

Mini World is playable even without the Internet! However, it would be much more fun if you could play with everyone, right?


Hiện tại, app/game này vẫn chưa có phiên bản mod APK. Admin sẽ cập nhật sớm nhất có thể. Trong khi chờ đợi, bạn có thể dùng thử bản mới nhất trên Play Store nhé!
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