Need for Speed No Limits 5.7.1 (Coins)

Need for Speed No Limits 5.7.1 (Coins)


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Need for Speed No Limit APK is one of the versions of the famous Need for Speed ​​series by the publisher Electronic Arts, which is considered to be completely different from the previous part. It's just a racing game, but it has a lot of interesting things. Let us find out how it relates to me!

The infinite operation of Need for Speed ​​is also very basic, not much different from other racing games. Touch the screen left and right to navigate, swipe up to activate nitro, swipe down to drag the car to drift or slow down. If you have played many games of the same type, you may not be familiar with this layout structure and control method. In my opinion, combining actions like this is the most effective and easiest way to play racing. The screen does not display too many control buttons, which also gives "Need for Speed" a higher level of layout: neat, smooth, and clear vision, which gives you a panoramic view of the beauty of the picture.

In order to maintain the richness of the game in many ways, Need for Speed ​​No Limits has many different game modes. The battle mode of mission types such as limited-time racing, ordinary racing, and challenge is divided into many different chapters in each form. Each type of reward is different, but most of them are in-game money, blueprints, and fuel gauges. Through these rewards, you will gradually upgrade the car’s parts, features, and even collect new cars to prepare for the next race.

Having said that, I have to say more about the blueprint. This is a brand new car blueprint, but also a big difference, which brings a lot of excitement to this game. Usually, when I play other racing games, I simply upgrade the car, customize the car, and then completely open a new car when I have enough points or coins. But this is not the case here, and you will have a hard time getting a blueprint. When you have it, you will feel extremely satisfied. Because the blueprint is not only the key to bringing a new car, but also a thing for you to manually select and upgrade the supercar equipment.

In this game, a lot of fuel is consumed when racing. Monitor the fuel status in the upper right corner of the screen. If your fuel runs out, you will have to wait for a while or pay immediately to fill up the fuel before you can continue the game. Fuel problems must not only be observed, but also escalated. Because over time, upgrades will bring more fuel-efficient and faster cars.

On the track, you will occasionally encounter "fragments" of car parts somewhere in the form of a surprise gift box. After completing the game and upgrading, you can also use spare parts. Each time there are 2-4 parts for you to assemble and upgrade the car.

As for the appearance of the car, it is even more stunning. You can customize the car comfortably with many detailed types of equipment. From correcting car colors, adding accessories, changing wheels, stickers... There is another interesting aspect of the previous game: for each level, the way to customize the car will be different. The higher the level, the more things can be changed.

To talk about the difference between "Need for Speed: Infinite", we must first talk about vision and sound. A racing game without these two things is a mess. This time "Need for Speed" has done a very good job in attracting players. Intense game shows with various high-quality pictures and top-level effects. The emergence of shiny supercars, carefully decorated streets with shadow effects, complex lighting effects and tear-resistant effects are also included to create an attractive mass of 3D scenes.

The cars in this game are all super sports cars. Beautiful inside and out, full of big names in the racing industry, such as the poor Hunigan, the exquisite and powerful Toyota GT86... The car customization part is a huge excitement, allowing manufacturers to show their 3D simulation design skills. Those who play racing can nodded in satisfaction.

Sound is more convincing than sight. Exciting, moving background music, the roar of cars, and the sound of Nitro starting and accelerating will make you "wow" in your chair. From the start to the end of the game, the passion has been maintained. If I had to rank racing games with the best sound, I would rank "Need for Speed™ No Limit" in the top 5.

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