Review Poweramp v3 build 933 APK (Full Patched)

Poweramp Mod APK:

  • Full Version Unlocked.

Please download the MOD APK version of Poweramp Music Player on our website. The full version of the app is unlocked and free to use.

Poweramp Music Player is a powerful music player for Android devices. The app focuses on three areas, including audio editing, user interface, and convenience. As a result, the Poweramp music player has quickly become a favorite, with a 4.4/5 star rating from over 1.4 million reviews on Google Play. For the above reasons, if your device lacks a music player, you should download Poweramp Music Player now for a better experience.

Powerful audio equalizer

For some, the quality of the original music doesn't seem to satisfy them. They want to adjust frequency, bass and treble levels for a better experience. And the Poweramp Music Player Audio Equalizer Kit solves this problem.

Sound EQUALIZER will help you adjust the sound in detail. The pitch and frequency of all songs are displayed on the screen. Just drag up or down to see changes.

Also, you can adjust bass and treble via virtual keys on the editing screen. Now you can experience sound the way you want.

Filter content the way you want

When a track is imported into the editor, it will be difficult to use if it is not organized in an organized manner. The default music player on the device does not appear to meet this requirement. Organizing and storing files is too weak to seem to meet basic needs. Poweramp music player is better. It gives you options to control the list the way you want. Examples include sorting by artist, year of release, time added to the player, or alphabetical-based name.

In addition, Poweramp Music Player also offers different views. You can view playlists as a compact list (List – compact), as a grid with small images (Grid Small), or as a grid with large images (Grid Extra Small).


The first thing people notice about the Poweramp music player is its interface. Honestly, this app has a very eye-catching interface. The audio tracks are neatly arranged on the screen. The audio playback screen integrates images and frequencies. You can also easily search, filter or convert content directly from this screen. Also, the app provides you with many interface and background themes.

The Poweramp music player is a versatile player. Not only mp3, the app also supports playing other less popular file formats like opus, tak, mak or dsf/dff.

In addition, Poweramp Music Player supports the creation of reverb and tempo effects. The 64-bit audio processor automatically detects frequencies and then produces matching reverb and velocity effects.

What is the Poweramp Full Unlocker?

Poweramp music player is released for Android for free. However, the default version only gives you a 15-day free trial full-featured experience. And to unlock the full version, you have to buy the premium plan for nearly $4. Although the cost is not too high, some people do not have a credit card to conduct the transaction. We have created the MOD APK version of the app. You just need to download the APK file, install it on your device by following our instructions, and you can use it completely free of charge.

Currently, this is the latest APK mod version. If you see that the developer has updated to a newer version. Please leave a comment admin will update as soon as possible!
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