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Sometimes you may need to watch a video while you work. However, you can hardly accomplish this multitasking without a dedicated app for playing videos in a popup window. It's time to try out Float Tube APK, a simple, convenient app that helps you perform multiple tasks on the same screen.

Many users want to watch movies on YouTube while doing other things on their phones. Doing many tasks at the same time can help people save time and limit switching back and forth between apps (which is annoying at times).

Sadly, smartphones largely don't support this hands-on experience. So, when we want to watch YouTube while doing other things, we still have to quickly switch back and forth between the things we want. But don't worry because now you can use the help of support apps like Float Tube.

What is a float tube?

Float Tube is an app that supports watching YouTube as a floating window, helping users do other work without interruption. The pontoon is not YouTube, but just a new "showcase" form of YouTube that brings more convenience and versatility to users.

Float Tube works by going to YouTube and playing the video you want to watch, then popping up the video on your Android device. From there, you can both watch videos and do other things without having to worry about switching windows like you used to.

Float tube has many adjustment options

As a floating visualizer, Float Tube offers many options for audio and video quality played on the app's popup. For images, there are the following resolution options: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi. The pop-up screen can be moved freely on the home screen of the device, and the screen size can be enlarged and reduced comfortably. So not only can you perform tasks while watching videos, but you can also do 2-3 different things at the same time depending on screen size and each person's personal multitasking ability.

Premium multitasking experience

When watching YouTube on your phone with Float Tube, you will be able to multitask easily. Watch YouTube on your home screen while composing messages, chatting, sending emails, editing documents, all on the same screen, no problem.

The process was super smooth. As long as the internet connection is stable and good enough, you won't experience any slowness or lag while watching and working. All goes well, watching videos and working on the big PC screen.

Controls on YouTube

The interface of Float Tube is generally very similar to YouTube, so anyone can get used to it and use it right away. With Float Tube, you can also quickly search YouTube for videos you want to watch and listen to (just like on the YouTube app). Using one or a few important keywords, you can find what you want to hear without going to the original YouTube.

The Float has one or more autoplay modes, or a shuffle mode in your pre-existing favorites list. When you don't want to do anything, you can let the app do its job automatically and enjoy it. This feature is very handy for finding favorites in selected lists and saves you a lot of time.

The pop-up display of the floating tube is very powerful. It can appear anywhere on the phone. It can also play videos in lock screen mode, allowing users to watch videos continuously and make any video adjustments uninterrupted even when the screen is locked.

The way you control your video while watching a clip on Float Tube isn't much different from YouTube. You can choose to play/pause/forward/rewind or stop. These basic controls also appear as handy buttons, giving you the familiar comfort of watching on YouTube.


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