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Photo Editor Mod APK:

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  • Full Paid.
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  • No Ads.

You will love Photo Editor Pro is a beauty lover because this app allows you to edit photos to your heart's content. It can help you turn ugly, dark photos into more gorgeous, glossy ones. Especially when editing photos, you won't be bothered by ads. Users will no longer have to worry about backlighting or pimples taking photos,...everything will be changed for you by this great photo editing app. Users will feel comfortable and will no longer be discouraged by their ugly photos.

Freely rotate and crop photos

Coming to Photo Editor Pro, users can choose many different photo angles for themselves according to their eyes. You will be able to rotate your photo in many different orientations for best results. You can also crop these photos to get the most beautiful frame. Users can also reverse the orientation of horizontal and vertical photos to create the perfect photo. Users can stretch their legs in the easiest and easiest way through this app feature.

Edit to make your photos more gorgeous and stunning

While using this application, users can edit photos as they wish. Users can adjust parameters such as brightness, glossiness, etc. in Photo Editor Pro. Professionally use the app's filters to make your photos more beautiful. By adjusting brightness, contrast and saturation, users will have the most satisfying and beautiful photos. Users will adjust the parameters of these functions to the extent that they feel beautiful. Additionally, you can expose and white balance your photos.

remove photo background

In addition to increasing or decreasing brightness and white balance, users can also add overlays to their photos. To increase the effect of beautifying a photo, users can blur the background or sharpen the photo. Additionally, users can remove the background of photos they don't like. At the same time, you can replace it with other more vivid and beautiful backgrounds. Allows users to shade or colorize their photos. In Photo Editor Pro, you can edit freely until it is pleasing to the eye and the photo becomes more beautiful.

Add text to your photos

Allows users to add many exciting things or life quotes to their lovely photos. The app offers many different font templates and colors so that you can choose the most suitable font for you. Not only that, but users can also change the size of the text to fit and stand out on the photo more. Their textures are also reasonably adjusted according to aesthetic requirements. They help create highlights and make photos more eye-catching and standout.

Bring lots of cute stickers to color your photos

The app provides a variety of different stickers of various types so that users can choose freely. Users can use these cute stickers on their photos to make them more cute and pretty. Also, these stickers can help you hide unwanted objects that appear for no reason and lose a lot of your self-image. These stickers help sharpen and enhance the beauty of your photos.

Create cute chibi pictures

Based on the photos they have available, users can draw cute chibi pictures for themselves. In addition, you can create your own high-quality sketches or pencil drawings that are identical to the originals. Allows the user to blur the background as well as draw many other perfect drawings. This is also one of the other great features of Photo Editor Pro, which brings you many new and exciting experiences.

Main features

  • Enjoy rotating photos in many different orientations, as well as being able to invert your photos so they have beautiful and perfect photo angles for easier editing.
  • You can freely adjust the parameters of the application such as brightness, gloss, saturation, etc. until your eyes feel the right and most satisfied to create many lovely photos with brightness. , good white balance.
  • Make photo editing more efficient by removing unnecessary objects and removing messy, unsightly backgrounds and replacing them with nice colors or backgrounds.
  • Add text and cute stickers to add accent and cuteness to photos, you can also draw chibi pictures from original photos.
  • Simple interface, easy to use, suitable for all audiences, everything is clearly arranged and distributed, especially during editing, without being disturbed or distracted by advertisements.


Currently, this is the latest APK mod version. If you see that the developer has updated to a newer version. Please leave a comment admin will update as soon as possible!
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