Review Rugos Premium Icon Pack v25.5 (Patched)

Rugos Premium Mod APK:

  • Patched.
  • Full Version.
  • Full Paid.
  • Features Unlocked.
  • No Ads.

Rugos Premium is an icon pack containing creative hand-designed icons and various wallpapers. The amount of these resources is impressive and many different types of skins can be created for your device. At the same time, it is still used in a similar way to other icon packs when launcher support is required. So you will be impressed with the quality that this app has.

Add new icons and fix icon application bug

In the new version of Rugos Premium, users will find that many new icons have been added for you to use. These icons are from user request, especially the premium version. At the same time, the problem of applying other icons in the previous version has also been completely fixed. So you can rest assured that the icons will be applied correctly and not misused in this release.

Change the icon of the function in the device

Icon pack apps are loved by many for their functional icons and variations, and an exciting option for you is Rugos Premium. Like its brethren, the icons provided by the app are also very high quality when used and designed entirely by hand. So you'll find innovations in applying these icons to simple apps and need a launcher.

Install the launcher and apply the icon pack

Anyone who wants to use an icon pack needs to have a launcher that supports Rugos Premium publishers. The app supports many different launchers and you can download the one you want with confidence. Also, don't forget to change the icon pack to an app to apply everything in addition to the ability to change the look of the launcher. In addition, the developers also gave you some suggestions when resizing these icons.

Easy to use interface and find the icons you want

When you visit Rugos Premium, you will see a simple interface and easy access to various functions. On the main screen you will find information related to the application and you can go to the corresponding tab to search for the resources the application has. You'll find a collection of over 4000 icons across your device with different functions, organized by keywords so you can easily find them.

High quality icons for your use

When using the app's icons, any user will be impressed by the number of icons. So you'll be able to have many different options, and that number will keep increasing over time as users demand from developers. Also, the quality of these icons can be found at the 256px threshold. It can be considered an impressive number, it allows you to comfortably use icons no matter the size, and works well with many launchers.

set the wallpaper you want

Next to the icons tab, you'll find a wallpapers tab with many different designs of wallpapers that you can use. You can be sure that your device will always be updated over time and to your liking, with the vast array of icons and wallpapers the app offers.

The app's ability to provide icons and wallpapers is useful to users because:

  • Users can use a large number of 4000+ icons and search freely through carefully designed lists.
  • Some wallpaper suggestions to help you completely change the interface of your device when you connect app icons.
  • The app works like other icon packs in that it requires a launcher to apply the icon to the device.
  • With an easy-to-use interface, you can easily search for high-quality icons of device functions.
  • In the new version, new icons have been added, and the developer has also fixed some problems when applying icons.


Currently, this is the latest APK mod version. If you see that the developer has updated to a newer version. Please leave a comment admin will update as soon as possible!
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