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PICFY - Simple Photo Editor + Collage - Harness your talent for photo editing. This app includes photo editor, photo layout, collage maker and more. And many effects, filters, backgrounds and unlimited fonts to unleash your creativity to create the pictures you want. Background and mask issues have been completely resolved, as well as sticker management. In addition, it is a free software that allows participants to use different colors and images from children to middle-aged people.

Special features of the application

In PICFY, the most prominent is the image filter, which is to adjust the effect to the image, such as providing brightness, warm colors, black and white... At the same time, adding image blending, so that we can produce the most beautiful response to the effective photo. Next is the face editor to add makeup effects. In this software, you can also stitch multiple photos together with various layouts and positions. Plus, it has a text editor, built-in stickers, frames, and more.

enjoy creativity

PICFY not only allows users to edit faces, but also the colors of the scene. You'll manually adjust the brightness of the image and the color of the surrounding scenery to create harmony between people and scenery. When participating in this software, you can also use free effects, make your own frames, or use free frames; it's up to your creativity. Not only that, but you can freely integrate this image into any other image. You will be free to create highly unique and beautiful photos.

Bring a great experience

It also allows us to take a photo from Instagram to redesign. When sharing like this, the image is not blurred and the clarity of the image is maintained. To hide the imperfections of the scene, you can also blur the parts of the image you want. When you export an image, the image will be high resolution, not blurry, and immediately saved in the library, giving the image the correct colors you adjusted. All of the above features are free to use; kids can use them to edit some simple pictures. This increases the ability to identify colors and know more ways to coordinate colors to harmonize. Make your photos colorful but still maintain the balance of the series.


Currently, this is the latest APK mod version. If you see that the developer has updated to a newer version. Please leave a comment admin will update as soon as possible!
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