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Rotation | Orientation Manager will let you manage your phone's navigation perfectly. This is the app that can help you if you're having issues with your phone constantly spinning in different directions without really needing it. Using this app, you'll be able to step in and help you customize the way you navigate your phone's apps directly.

Navigation issues on the phone screen

It's true to say that everyone who uses a smartphone or tablet experiences this and feels uncomfortable. Your existing phone will be able to help you with many different things conveniently through different apps. With that comes the temporary memory of the device, which is being optimized and used well for multitasking on our phones to operate tasks simultaneously.

But a problem arises when we perform phone usage with multiple functions and purposes between different apps, and inevitably loses orientation just because there are apps that are set to landscape while in use. Instead, many applications are set to use portrait orientation. And through different user surveys, the answer the app has received is that the phone keeps changing orientation while in use, which is annoying.

Perfectly manage your phone screen

If you're someone who usually only uses a single app on your phone, that app will be able to support your max. When accessing an app, you will be able to lock the screen orientation in one orientation and exit the app. Your work will then start directly with the app you need to use, and it will stay in one direction as it was previously managed.

For each different app, you force it to follow the direction you set earlier so you don't run into unpleasant issues while using it. But for those of you who constantly switch between different apps on your phone, apps will give you another reasonable solution. You'll then be able to access the app and set how other apps appear on your phone.

Additional support features for you

One of the main points to mention when using Rotation | Orientation Manager is certainly a much-needed variety, as the app already has a lot of formats ready for different screen orientations. This lets you preview and choose accordingly for each app, from allowing apps to change orientation when the phone is rotated to portrait lock, reverse portrait lock, landscape lock, reverse landscape lock, and more.

Also, you can use some other exciting features like widgets. This is one of the features that many users appreciate because of the overview and convenience it brings to them. They can now view the necessary information on the phone's screen orientation from the home screen without having to access an app to manage their device.

Your phone sometimes makes itself uncomfortable with its orientation, so we can't focus on using it. But what if you start using Rotation | Orientation Manager? Then you will be able to manage your phone screen orientation easily. Will bring you lots of cool features and smart customization, optimized for usability. Try Phone Location Manager for the best experience!


Currently, this is the latest APK mod version. If you see that the developer has updated to a newer version. Please leave a comment admin will update as soon as possible!
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