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VPN Hotspot & Proxy Mod APK:

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An app that lets you run your own proxy server on your Android device. With your mobile hotspot, you can now share your VPN connection to other devices like your laptop or TV without having to install additional VPNs on those devices, or overriding the hotspot restrictions provided by your ISP.

To share your VPN connection, first enable your hotspot, then launch the app. The VPN can connect before launching the hotspot or after launching the hotspot.

Also, if you want to bypass your ISP's throttling, just fire up the hotspot and then launch this app.

The generated proxy server will bind your connection to the IP address assigned to your Android device, enabling you to use connections from connected devices.

VPN Hotspot & Proxy supports Light and Dark mode, depending on your system settings.

Detailed guide on how to use VPN hotspots and proxies

  1. Start your wifi hotspot connection from the phone you want to share the internet with and connect your laptop or other device.
  2. Connect with your favorite VPN (for those who want to share their VPN connection).
  3. Open your VPN hotspot and proxy app.
  4. Enter the proxy port, such as 8080 or any other port, and click Start Proxy Server to start the service.
  5. On your connected laptop, go to Settings -> Proxy Settings -> Manual -> Enter the displayed proxy hostname/address and proxy port as shown in VPN hotspot and proxy app, then save and that's it .
  6. If you want to share the connection to another Android phone or TV. Then install proxy my app on the second device, the link for the app is here
  7.  Open the Proxy My app on the second Android phone or TV, enter the proxy address and port as shown in VPN Hotspot and the proxy app, separated by colons, for example; (note ": ” to separate the address and port) and click Connect to allow all applications to use the proxy.
  8. Test your connection by opening the application.
  9. Remember to remove those proxy changes you made on your PC once you don't use VPN hotspots and proxy apps i.e. when you connect to other wifi hotspots.


Currently, this is the latest APK mod version. If you see that the developer has updated to a newer version. Please leave a comment admin will update as soon as possible!
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