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Tetramon Monster Battles v1.11 (One Hit, High Heal)

Tetramon Monster Battles v1.11 (One Hit, High Heal)


Tetramon Monster Battles Mod APK:

  • One Hit
  • God Mode.

Tetramon Monster Battles TCG is a game that can provide players with a special fighting experience. If you are someone who prefers card-based building games, this is a game not to be missed. Coming to this game, players will be able to showcase their talents in taming and using cards in extremely intense matches.

Card system and development direction

A game created in a card style definitely needs to develop a suitable card system. A good card game needs to have a large number of cards and the quality that each card can bring. And when players decide to start the game, a huge advantage must be the card system with a large number of carefully crafted characters.

In addition, the Tetramon Monster Battles TCG cards also get a lot of different features for themselves that players can execute in coordination. The first is definitely that players will be a collector when they start the game and look for unique cards. The next important thing that will affect the outcome of the game will be to upgrade the cards to the best level. Finally, get rewards that match your efforts.

fierce battle

In addition to developing the card system, the game also needs to build a suitable gameplay. The makers have determined that Tetramon Monster Battles TCG is making a card game from the original idea at the beginning of the game. The point is that the game is also a good mix of the advantages that card types can bring to your game.

Players will be able to participate in an extremely intense competition system where only the final winner will be honored. That's why the game adds special game modes to your game so players can fight with their cards. The 8v8 game mode will always be a hot battleground as the battle starts with the top card users in the match.

8 VS 8 monster fight

Defend your territory in turn-based RPG tactical combat with your squad of eight monsters. Discover the abilities of monsters and show your ability to become a great monster master. In monster confrontation, you have to make excellent tactical judgment.

Choose from a variety of monster attacks, such as Venom Attack, Energy Drop, and Poison Attack, and choose the creature with the most effective attack.

By winning the Beastmaster contest, you'll be able to form a monster squad that the entire monster world fears, making you the supreme monster master. So try to win as many monster battles as possible while regularly expanding your monster squad.

Main features

  • Start with a card-type game with very engaging gameplay.
  • Card system with a large number of characters and carefully considered character stats.
  • Grow your mighty card army by collecting new cards and upgrading them.
  • Multiple game modes and multiplayer matches to win.
  • Stunningly beautiful graphics and battle scenes that match the card game.


Currently, this is the latest APK mod version. If you see that the developer has updated to a newer version. Please leave a comment admin will update as soon as possible!

FAQs Những câu hỏi thường gặp

Cách cài đặt Tetramon Monster Battles v1.11 (One Hit, High Heal)

1. Gỡ bỏ apps hoặc game trên máy (nếu có)
2. Cài tệp tin APK vừa tải về.
3. Nếu có file OBB. Giải nén copy và dán theo dường dẫn Bộ nhớ trong/Android/obb.

Cách cài đặt game có APK và OBB

1. Tải xuống apk và OBB của trò chơi
2. Giải nén OBB, sao chép thư mục OBB vào đường dẫn "Android / obb". Đường dẫn OBB chính xác sẽ giống như "Android / obb / com.madfingergames.leosystem"
3. Cài đặt tệp APK và chạy

File tải về từ VieAPK.Com có an toàn không?

Tất nhiên, mọi tệp tin đều được kiểm tra trước khi được upload lên hệ thống. Chúng tôi sử dụng dịch vụ Mediafire để lưu trữ nên đảm bảo mọi tệp tin được chia sẻ lên website là an toàn.

Làm thế nào để tải về?

Bạn chỉ cần đợi vài giây và liên kết tải xuống sẽ xuất hiện.

Link hỏng?

Nếu bạn gặp vấn đề về liên kết ví dụ như tệp không tồn tại, không thể truy cập,...vui lòng báo cáo với quản trị viên.

Tốc độ download chậm?

Dịch vụ lưu trữ mà chúng tôi sử dụng là loại chất lượng cao, chuyên dụng cho việc upload và chia sẻ các tập tin với tốc độ cao và ổn định. Trong trường hợp tốc độ tải về bị chậm, vui lòng kiểm tra băng thông của bạn.

Tệp tin tải về không đúng với mô tả?

Nếu có sự nhầm lẫn giữa mô tả và tệp tin tải về, vui lòng báo lỗi với chúng tôi thông qua mục liên hệ dưới cuối trang.


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